The FELIX 2004 interface

To enhance the program's utility without compromising its flexibility, FELIX starts up with an interactive menu-driven interface plus a command enter window. The menu interface reduces the need to memorize a large list of FELIX commands and provides access to the data-processing and analysis utilities using intuitive descriptions and a mouse-driven cursor. The capability to enter commands (FELIX Command Language, or FCL) interactivly provides experienced users with direct access to the FELIX command statements.

This chapter focuses on the interactive menu-driven interface.

Advanced users should consult the FELIX Command Language Reference Guide for more in-depth information about FELIX capabilities.

You can view and print the online Command Language Reference Guide at this address:

Click the FELIX link and navigate to the document.
If you are prompted for a username and password, use the following:

Username: science

Password: faster

Introduction to the menu interface

FELIX contains an interactive menu system for data processing, displays, and spectrum analysis. The menu interface automatically appears when the program starts. The purpose of the menu interface is to simplify NMR data analysis and speed repetitive processing tasks. The menus provided contain most of the functions needed for processing and analyzing 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4- dimensional data.

In this guide we refer to the various menu items as follows:

FELIX main window

The FELIX 2004 main window is shown below. It is where you do your work. This window includes these features:

illustrates the main window.

Figure 1. FELIX Interface main window