Getting more help

More help for FELIX 2004 is online. To access it, visit the Accelrys website:

Accelrys posts updates or corrections to the web site, assuring this information is the most current. FELIX 2004 documentation is found in the Life Science Documentation section.

If you are prompted for a username and password at the Accelrys documentation website, use the following:

Username: science

Password: faster

Although these online documents include indices and tables of contents, you can also use the Accelrys Site Search at:

Select All Documentation in the Search Area list. Enter term(s) in the Search field, then click Search.

While viewing the document online, you can use the searching capabilities of your browser to locate information.

You can print individual chapters of these documents via your browser's printing capability.

The FELIX help available online includes the documents described below.

FELIX User Guide

The FELIX User Guide gives a more complete review of how to work with FELIX. The topics include:

FELIX Tutorials

The FELIX Tutorials provide step-by-step procedures illustrating typical examples of processing raw NMR data, use of the database, use of the Assign and Autoscreen modules. These lessons address a range of NMR data processing and analysis topics.

FELIX Command Language Reference

The Command Language Reference is a complete guide to FCL, the command language underlying the FELIX program. It provides information about the basics of FCL, symbols and expressions, macros, real-time displays, menus (and how to customize them), the database, and commands. Appendix C contains some useful example macros.

The FCL Command Language Reference is intended for advanced FELIX users who want to modify the user interface, write macros, and do other operations that require FCL.