System requirements and licensing options

System requirements and recommendations

Minimum system requirements for FELIX 2004are:

Attention to the following areas will improve performance:

FELIX spreadsheets need a lot of memory. Displaying long tables (e.g., peak tables containing tens of thousands of peaks), requires at least 256 MB of memory (RAM).  

CPU Speed
The faster the floating point performance the better.

Display Resolution
The higher the resolution, the better. A resolution in the range of 1280 x 1024 is optimal but is not required.

Software license

This software release is distributed with FLEXlm license management software. FELIX 2004 must be licensed to run properly.

Accelrys offers two types of licenses:

A demo license
If you received a demo password with your FELIX 2004 shipment, the demo license lets you use the software until you can install the normal license. A demo license allows access to FELIX 2004 for a limited time only.

A license file for use with a license server
The license server may be the local machine where you have FELIX installed or a remote machine where a license file is already installed.

The following information is meant to provide a brief overview of the various licensing options. For more detailed information, please see the Accelrys License Pack included in the FELIX 2004 package.

Program modules

Accelrys offers four licensing options for FELIX 2004:

This includes all of the basic FELIX processing and analysis functionality for both 1D and 2D data.

This option adds the capability to process and analyze higher dimensional data such as 3D and 4D.

FELIX Assign
This option allows you to run the Assign module, a unique package for computer-assisted assignment of 2D, 3D, and 4D NMR spectra of proteins and nucleic acids

FELIX Autoscreen
This option allows you to run the Autoscreen module, a specialized package for automated processing and analysis of receptor/ligand binding 1D or 2D NMR data.

Once you have installed FELIX you can determine which version you have licensed. To do so, run FELIX 2004. In the main window, click the File/Licenses command. FELIX displays a dialog box describing the license. For example, if the ND Mode item is checked, you have the FELIX ND license feature, with the 3D/4D capabilities enabled. Otherwise, the ND features are not available to you.