Welcome to FELIX 2004

What does FELIX do?

FELIX 2004 is an interactive program for processing, displaying, and analyzing data acquired on nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers (NMR).

A complete NMR data processing and analysis program, FELIX provides you with tools for efficiently transforming NMR data of almost any dimensionality and for processing, displaying, storing, and retrieving the resulting spectral information.

FELIX is flexible and efficient. It can run either as a menu-driven graphical interface or as a concise and powerful command-driven program (via the FELIX Command Language: FCL). In addition, the FELIX macro processor enables you to automate lengthy and complex processing procedures (for example, routine or ND data processing). FCL is powerful enough to permit you to create your own menus and user interface or to customize the existing menus.

The quantity and variety of data that FELIX handles, ranging from peak integrals to assignment names of ND peaks, demands powerful data storage and management features, which are provided by the FELIX database. The database is accessible from many FELIX functions (e.g., the peak picking and assign interface), from the command line, or from within macros. The tools provided by the database allow you to quickly store data temporarily or permanently in files, to display the data as lists, and to edit the spectral information using a table interface. The database also sorts data into lists according to user-defined criteria and can compare lists for similarities or differences.

Features of FELIX 2004

FELIX's major functions include general features for NMR spectral processing and basic analysis, and specialized module features for biomacromolecular resonance assignment and receptor-ligand binding analysis. You may need to obtain ND, Assign, or Autoscreen license privileges to access the special features of FELIX.

General features

Special features for ND processing

The ND license allows you to access the following capabilities in addition to the general features in FELIX 2004.

Assign module features

Autoscreen module features