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Release Notes for
FELIX 2004

FELIX 2004 constitutes the first release of FELIX, Accelrys' leading software for offline processing and analysis of NMR spectra, on Linux.


If you are reading these release notes as a printout, directly from a CD, or from a local disk after unloading it from a CD, more recent information may be available from the Accelrys website. You can access the latest version of these release notes at:


What's new | General information | Release contents | System requirements | Installation | Known issues

What's new

The following enhancements are available in FELIX 2004:
  • Ability to mark unmatched peaks
  • A general overlay function for spectra

General information

  • FELIX interactivity within Insight II is not supported on Insight II 2000.3L (Linux). This functionality is retained for Insight II on SGI IRIX.

  • We recommend that you set the Gnome window manager such that window
    moves and resizing operations use outline (no redraw with each mouse movement) and not opaque window (redraw with each mouse movement) modes. This can be achieved in the following manner:

    {Start}->Programs->Settings->Sawfish window manager->Moving and
    When that dialog window appears:
    For How windows being moved are animated, select box.
    For How windows being resized are animated, select box.

  • FELIX may occasionally require the availability of a large memory stack, therefore we suggest that you add the following line to your .cshrc file:

    limit stacksize unlimited

Release contents


The FELIX 2004 distribution includes the following contents:

CD Name


CD Description

Product Linux Contains the FELIX product and all included modules, including PDF documentation.

Please see the file called README.txt on the CD for installation instructions.

Documentation and Help

Help system

HTML and PDF versions of FELIX 2004 documentation are available from the Accelrys website at:

Licensing information

  • FELIX and Insight II Licensing

    If you are already using a demo license to run Insight II, then overlay FELIX, you will not be able to run either program with the default demo licenses provided. Please call or email Accelrys Technical Support for a special demo license.

For additional documentation on licensing, refer to the Accelrys License Guide shipped with your software or see the latest information and downloads at the Accelrys website:


Please contact Accelrys Support for assistance with installing this software.

System requirements

FELIX 2004 requires the following minimum configuration.

Operating system

  • Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS 2.1 or WS 3.0
  • SGI: SGI IRIX 6.5.19 - 6.5.24
  • Open Motif: openmotif21-2.1.30-8 (or equivalent)


  • Linux: 1 GHz Pentium III or higher (x86 or x86-64 Intel-compatible CPUs only)
  • SGI: R10000 or higher
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics Cards for Linux: Nvidia Quadro4 980 XGL, Quadro4 FX1100 graphics cards using Nvidia Linux drivers

Known issues

Bug ID Description

Felix now automatically opens a dba file on startup with names likeuntitled1.dba, untitled2.dba, etc. In time these files could accumulate

Workaround: If you have not explicitly saved information in these untitled files then they may be safely deleted.


Plot refresh needed after adding an experiment in FELIX Assign.

Workaround: Refresh spectra window.


On Linux, menu options available on Right-mouse click may not appear as for SGI.

Workaround: Options have been added to the interface window.


Long input in the command prompt crashes the application. If you place the cursor in the command prompt, type a lengthy string, then press <Enter>, the application crashes.


In FELIX Analytical, selections/changes made in the 2D Display Parameters window are not being reflected in the Graph window. From the Analytical Experiment window, if you select Experiment | Change Attributes, then in the "Plot Parameters" window change the color scheme and click the OK button, the color of the graph does not change.


Running IRIX version 6.5.23, toggling the Autoscreen license off and on crashes the application. If you select File/Licenses and "toggle off" the Autoscreen Mode in the Licenses window, then click OK, the Autoscreen Menu disappears from the menu bar. If you then select File/Licenses and "toggle on" the Autoscreen Mode in the Licenses window, then click OK, the application crashes.


Error when capital letters are used in matrix name. When building a project in FELIX Analytical and you specify a matrix name containing capitol letters (selected from the "Files" box of the "Open Files" window), Felix reports that the file was not found. This problem does not exist from the main FELIX File/Open window.

Workaround: The problem is corrected by changing the file name to all lowercase characters.

Note that this behavior may also be a problem in the FELIX Assign module.

Please report bugs and comments directly to Accelrys Support by emailing detailed information to in the US, in Europe, and in Asia.

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Updated 6 January 2005.

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