Felix is the industry standard software program for off-line data processing, spectral visualization and analysis of high resolution, one- to four-dimensional, homonuclear and heteronuclear NMR data. It is available as a workstation product that runs on Linux or SGI and as a desktop product for Windows PCs.

Felix NMR, Inc. specializes in NMR processing and analysis software and is committed to the continued development of Felix.

Felix ND offers a wide range of spectral
processing and analysis tools.


     January 15th, 2007
The Felix line of software products is
transferred to Felix NMR, Inc.
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     December 2004
       Felix 2004 is now available on Linux
       workstations. Learn more...

  User interface with icon driven functions to provide streamlined access to commonly
    used functions.
  Flexible visualization of spectra.
  'E-Z' macros that allow you to quickly process all spectra from one to four dimensions.
  'E-Z' macros that allow you to flexibly incorporate a range of processing features.
  Flexibility to customize all your macros.
  Robust and accurate peak picking algorithms that are crucial to automated
    assignment protocols.
  Spreadsheet like tables that allow you to easily visualize and edit the results of peak
    picking and other spectral information.
Multiple choices of baseline correction, solvent suppression, and peak picking

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