Getting assistance

Accelrys Scientific Support is available for assistance if you should encounter difficulty in using our products, or if you need assistance in their use. If you cannot find the information you need in this guide or the online Help, visit the Accelrys Advantage web pages or contact Accelrys Support.

Accelrys Advantage

Accelrys Advantage makes information and help available to our partners around the clock. Using Accelrys Advantage, you can send us your Support Requests, comments and suggestions (by submitting a Service Request) and monitor the status of those items that are most important to you. You can also search the Accelrys Knowledge Base (KB) to find solutions to both software and scientific questions relating to Accelrys software. Go to:

and select Accelrys Advantage from the Customer Desk links.

Contacting Scientific Support

Contact Accelrys Support in the United States between the hours of 6:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Pacific Time, and in Europe and Asia ass described in How to contact us.

As a more permanent aid in using Accelrys software, you may wish to take advantage of our training classes. This service is described later in this chapter.

Before you call

If you are experienceing licensing- or system-related problems and are on a UNIX system, run get_diagnostics at the UNIX system prompt, and send the resulting file to our support email address. This command executes a series of useful commands, and saves the output of those commands to a file. Including this file with your email will greatly help support to answer your questions.

In addition to the results of the get diagnostics command, we need to know:

Please send us any useful log and output files. These are always useful in determining the causes of problems.

If you are unable to use this tool, please include the following information in your support request.

How to contact us

We will do our best to resolve your problem within 24 hours. Of course, some questions and problems will take longer, but we will keep in communication with you until the problem is resolved.

North America

In the United States, Mexico, and Canada, you can reach us in the following ways:

1.   Email us at

2.   Telephone at +1-858-799-5509 from 6:00 am until 5:00 pm Pacific Time, business days. In the U.S. and Canada, call toll free,

3.   FAX at +1-858-799-5102.


In Europe you can contact us in the following ways:

1.   Email us at

2.   Telephone at +44-845-741-3375 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm UK time, business days. (Note that calls are charged at a local rate in most European countries.)

3.   FAX at +44-1223-228501.


In Japan or Asia you can contact us in the following ways:

1.   Email us at

2.   Telephone at + 81 3 3578 3861, business days.

3.   FAX at + 81 3 3578 3873.


For additional help please look at the Accelrys World Wide Web Support page:


Accelrys offers a wide range of training workshops worldwide. The objective of Accelrys' training workshops is to provide information and skills for effective and productive use of Accelrys software.


We recommend that one or more users receive training when you purchase any new product, or upgrade an existing product, in order to optimize your time spent using the software.


These are generally two-day workshops at a given location. You apply Accelrys software to solve real experimental problems. Attendance is restricted so there are no more than two participants per computer. These workshops provide you with an opportunity to get out of the office and focus on Accelrys software. The number of participants on these courses is limited by location but is usually 8-to-12.


Accelrys scientists can come to your location to deliver the standard workshops. The savings in travel and other associated costs can be considerable for groups. On-site workshops include lectures, hands-on sessions, and instructional materials. You determine the class size (up to a limit of 10), depending on your training facilities and available hardware.


Accelrys can also design a workshop for your specific needs. Our training staff works with you to maximize the benefits of a visit to your site, for example, by designing a workshop to use your own data. Class sizes are negotiable but 8-to-10 is considered the maximum size.


Further details on course content and registration for standard workshops is provided at You can also direct any specific questions to the training group at