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Release Notes for
FELIX Desktop 2004

FELIX Desktop 2004 is the Windows© version of FELIX 2004, Accelrys' leading software for offline processing and analysis of NMR spectra, on Linux. The functionality in the Windows version is the same as for the UNIX/Linux version for common modules. FELIX Analytical and FELIX Model are not available within FELIX Desktop 2004.


If you are reading these release notes as a printout, directly from a CD, or from a local disk after unloading it from a CD, more recent information may be available from the Accelrys website. You can access the latest version of these release notes at:


What's new | Release contents | System requirements | Installation | Known issues

What's new

The following enhancements are available in FELIX Desktop 2004:
  • Ability to mark unmatched peaks
  • A general overlay function for spectra

Release contents


The FELIX Desktop 2004 distribution includes the following contents:

CD Name


CD Description

Product Windows Contains the FELIX product and all included modules, including PDF documentation.

Documentation and Help

Getting Started guide

Please refer to the Getting Started guide, online or hardcopy, for useful information about this release and tutorials to help you start working with this program.

Help system

HTML and PDF versions of FELIX Desktop 2004 documentation are available from the Accelrys website at:

Licensing information

For additional documentation on licensing, refer to the Accelrys License Guide shipped with your software or see the latest information and downloads at the Accelrys website:


Please contact Accelrys Support for assistance with installing this software.

System requirements

FELIX Desktop 2004 requires the following minimum configuration.

Operating system

Windows 2000 SP3 or SP4; Windows XP SP1.


  • 1 GHz Pentium III or higher (x86 or x86-64 Intel-compatible CPU's only)
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Accelrys recommends Nvidia graphics cards

Known issues

Bug ID Description

FELIX now automatically opens a dba file on startup with names likeuntitled1.dba, untitled2.dba, etc. In time these files could accumulate

Workaround: If you have not explicitly saved information in these untitled files then they may be safely deleted.


When a dialog box is displayed, pressing the <Enter> key does not close the dialog box.

Workaround: Sometimes pressing the <Tab> key one or more times will highlight the OK button. When the OK button is highlighted, you can press <Enter> to close the dialog box.
04296txlq02 Using the annotation tool, when a line is drawn (regular, plumb, horizontal, or vertical), it is shown with an arrow head on it. If the line is moved (using the move region option) or the annotation tool is exited, the arrow head disappears.

Up/down arrow keys may operate unexpectedly. The up/down arrow keys were not designed for use with a 2D display of a 2D matrix. On the PC using these keys causes the selection in the plot type pulldown to scroll through the various choices, often ending up blank.

Please report bugs and comments directly to Accelrys Support by emailing detailed information to in the US, in Europe, and in Asia.

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Updated 6 January 2005.

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