Exporting Restraint Files

What to do if the .ppm file is not created correctly when exporting the restraint files.

When trying to use the File/Export/Restraints command to create the four NMRchitect files sometimes users find that the .ppm is created but empty. This can happen if the user was previously using the Assign module. Using the Assign module causes a particular symbol to be defined. When the user later attempts to export the dba files to NMRchitect format the program checks to see if this symbol is defined and since it is will then interpret the dba file as if it were of an Assign type. This can cause the .ppm file to not be created correctly in some cases. The solution is to first exit and restart Felix prior to using the File/Export/Restraints command. This is only required if the user has used Assign during the current session.

Alternatively the user could purge (using the pur command) the proent symbol which will cause the program to interpret the dba file in the standard (non Assign) manner.




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