Below is a list of frequently asked questions. Follow the links for the detailed descriptions or contact us for more help.

General Felix

      Felix fails to start and you get "cannot map soname '' ...".

  General Program
      Writing out data to a file in ASCII format.
      Changing the file extension so that all files show up in the File/Open command.
      How to do background batch processing.
      What to do if the .ppm file is not created correctly when exporting the restraint files.
      Using Log Files.
      Doing Stacked Plots with Negative Data.
      The temporary files that Felix creates when it runs.
      Setting user defined tickmarks and axis text scaling in 1D and 2D plots.
      Using the verify symbol when writing or debugging macros.

  Importing Data
      Reading and writing Old Format data files.
      The Felix New Format data header parameters.
      Importing GE Omega data.

  1D Processing
      Processing a series of files with sequential extensions.
      Processing a series of files to obtain intensity or integral values.

  2D Processing
      Reducing Apparent T1-noise in your processed 2D data.

  3D Processing

  Assign Module
      The list of atom type codes used for triple resonance experiments.

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