Felix Fails to Start

Felix fails to startup and you get an error message such as:

felix: rld: Fatal Error: cannot map soname 'libftn.so' using any of the filenames ...

If you got the above error when you tried to run Felix it would seem likely that you don't have the standard FORTRAN execution only environment installed on your system. To check if this is the case give the following command at the UNIX prompt:

/usr/sbin/versions ftn_eoe

You should see an output something like this:

I = Installed, R = Removed

Name Date Description

I ftn_eoe 04/05/95 Standard Execution Environment (Fortran 77,
I ftn_eoe.sw 04/05/95 Standard Execution Environment Software
I ftn_eoe.sw.lib 04/05/95 Standard Execution Libraries
I ftn_eoe.sw.libmips2 04/05/95 Standard Execution Libraries (-mips2)

Without this software installed you won't be able to run FORTRAN executables like Felix. If the ftn_eoe software is installed then you should have a a file called libftn.so probably in /usr/lib. If you don't have this file it's likely that the ftn_eoe software wasn't installed for some reason. You would need to rerun the SGI installation utility and load the ftn_eoe software. Note that you won't have to reload the entire operating system just this missing piece. Also note that you don't need to have purchased the FORTRAN compiler to load these libraries.

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