Changing the default search path

If you want to change the default file extension filter string so that all files are shown when using the File/Open command.

Often users decide to name their Felix new or old format data files with extensions other than the default of .dat. The default filter string in the File/Open command will initially only show files with the .dat extension when you select a File Type of Felix New Data or Felix Old Data . To change this so that the File/Open command shows all files in the data directory you will need to change the default search path filter string from ./*.dat to ./*.*. The symbols that determine the search path for Felix old or new format data files are called mytype1 and mytype2 and are set in the open.mac macro. Take a look at the open.mac macro. You should find it in the following location:


Near the top of this file you should see:

def mytype1 '*.dat'

To change this to show all files in the data directory when looking for new format data files just edit this line to look something like this:

def mytype1 '*.*'

This will redefine the default extension that is used to search for data files each time you use the File/Open command. Note that this sort of change is generally not required when directly reading spectrometer format files as the names are predefined (ser, fid etc.).
If you want the change to take effect for all users then edit the file that exists in the main macros directory shown above. If you want the change to take effect only for yourself then copy the open.mac macro to the directory where you start Felix and edit it there. Felix looks for macros first in your current directory. If it finds that you have a local copy it will use that. If it doesn't find a local copy it will use the macros in the main system location shown above.

Another alternative is to create your own directory where you keep your own changed macros. If you do this then you need to edit your ~/.felixrc97 or ~/.felixrc99file to tell Felix the location of your local macros directory. For more information on the .felixrc97 file see The .felixrc97 file in Appendix C. Felix Startup of the Felix User Guide.


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