Temporary Files

The temporary files that Felix creates when it runs.

When the Felix program is run it creates a number of runtime files in the current directory. These files save data about the current status of the program. The files that are created would have names such as these:


The first four files are used to store temporary information while the program is running and are normally deleted if the program exits in the standard manner. If more than one user is running then there may be many such files. If these types of files are tending to build up then it usually indicates that the Felix program has been exited abruptly such as due to a crash or stopping the program with control-C. If you are sure that no other users are currently running Felix from the directory where you see these files then it is generally OK to delete them. The file named dbtmp******** can be used to recreate a dba file when Felix has crashed. This files stores a temporary copy of the dba file and it is not copied to the users dba file until they save the dba file. If Felix were to crash you could rename this file and read it in as a dba file.
The files starting with list just contain temporary file or directory list data that is generated by some Felix macros and they can be deleted if required. The file file.dba is the default dba file name and it can be deleted if the user has not saved any important information into this file. In general you should not save important dba information to the default file.dba name to avoid confusion. The temp.plt file contains the data from the last hardcopy plot that was done.


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