Setting user defined tickmarks and axis text scaling in 1D and 2D plots.

By default when Felix draws a spectrum it will decide on its own the best axis scale and where to place tickmarks based on the size of the plot and the amount of available space to put labels. However often a user would like to directly specify where to put the labels. For example every 1 PPM perhaps. To do this you can use the Preference/Plot Parameters command to bring up the Plot Parameters - Basic menu. From this menu click on the Tick button at the bottom. This brings up the Plot Parameters - Tick menu.

From this menu set the Tickmark Type to User. Then enter the PPM spacing that you want for the major and minor tickmarks. Note that minor tickmarks are smaller and not labeled. You can also set the Axis Text Scale. Setting the Axis Text Scale to a smaller value can be useful sometimes when you want to fit more labels on the axis. Then when you draw the spectrum the tickmarks will be placed according to what you have specified.


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