Verify Symbol

Using the verify symbol when writing or debugging macros.

In Felix you can use the verify symbol to have the program echo out to the text port each command that has executed. This is very useful for example when debugging macros. This symbol is by default set to zero. If you set the symbol to 1 then Felix will echo out the name of each menu or macro that is executed. If you set the symbol to 2 then Felix will echo out each command that is executed. To set this symbol go to either the command line at the bottom of the Felix window or the UNIX window where you started Felix and give a command such as:

def verify 2

Using the verify symbol can be very helpful if you are having problems debugging a macro. It allows you to follow the progress of the macro step by step to better determine what went wrong. It is also very useful when you are writing your own macros and you can't figure out how a certain operation should be performed in Felix. In this case set the verify symbol to 1 and perform the same operation using the Felix menus. Note which menus are macros are being executed. Then examine these menus and macros to see how to perform the desired function. Then you can generally use the same types of commands in your own macros.


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