Felix is the industry standard software program for off-line data processing, spectral visualization,and analysis of all types of high resolution, 1D to 4D homonuclear, and heteronuclear NMR data. Felix is built upon the foundations of a relational database, an extensive macro language, and an easy-to-use, multi-windowed, menudriven interface, which allows for quick and easy performance of routine tasks. Felix comes equipped with dozens of built-in and tested data processing macros,and has the ability to directly read data from all of the major spectrometers from Bruker,Varian,and JEOL.Along with an unsurpassed range of algorithms for processing data and a powerful macro language, Felix gives you the freedom to choose how to process your data and create novel solutions for your most sophisticated NMR data processing needs.

• User interface with icon driven functions to provide streamlined access to commonly used functions
• Flexible visualization of spectra including:
   - visualization and correlation of multiple spectra
   - tile and strip plots for viewing multi-dimensional spectra
   - canvas mode which allows you to expand spectra to sizes larger than your monitor
• ‘E-Z’macros that allow you to quickly process all spectra from one to four dimensions including:
   - States-TPPI spectra
   - Echo-anti-echo N/P gradient type data
   - Oversampled Bruker digital data
• ‘E-Z’ macros that allow you to flexibly incorporate a range of processing features including:
   - Solvent suppression
   - Interactive phase correction
   - Hilbert transforms
   - Linear prediction (all methods)
   - Fourier Transforms
   - Interactive base-line corrections
• Flexibility to customize all your macros
• Robust and accurate peak picking algorithms that are crucial to automated assignment protocols
• Spreadsheet like tables that allow you to easily visualize and edit the results of peak picking and other spectral information
• Several choices of baseline correction1, solvent suppression, and peak picking algorithms
• Relaxation analysis feature to help you easily extract dynamic information
• Ability to overlay planes from different matrices (Felix ND)*

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