Version 2004 for Windows
Quick Start Guide

1. Welcome to FELIX 2004

   What does FELIX do?
   Features of FELIX 2004
      General features
      Special features for ND processing
      Assign module features
      Autoscreen module features

2. System requirements and licensing options

   System requirements and recommendations
   Software license
   Program modules

3. Installing the FELIX 2004 software and license

   Installation instructions
      Accessing the FELIX 2004 installation utility
on the CD-ROM

      A. Install a demo license using a demo password
      B. Using a remote license server
      C. Install a regular license file.
   Installing/updating the license file
      A. Installing a demo license
      B. Using a remote license server
      C. Using this machine as the license server
   Uninstalling the License Pack software and FELIX
      Removing the License Pack utility and FELIX

4. The FELIX 2004 interface

   Introduction to the menu interface
   FELIX main window

5. Quick start

   Before working with FELIX
      Typographical conventions
   Starting FELIX 2004
   Processing a 1D spectrum
   Processing a 2D spectrum
   Writing your own macros
      Sample Macros
   Using the FELIX database and spreadsheets
      Introduction to the database utilities
   Closing files and exiting FELIX

6. Getting more help

   FELIX User Guide
   FELIX Tutorials
   FELIX Command Language Reference

7. Keyboard shortcuts and accelerator keys

   Keyboard shortcuts
   Accelerator keys
   Pulldown-independent functions

8. Getting assistance

   Accelrys Advantage
   Contacting Scientific Support
      Before you call
      How to contact us