System Requirements
  SGI: IRIX 6.5.19-6.5.24 on R10000 and higher
  Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS 2.1 and WS 3.0 on Intel Pentium III and higher (32-bit support only)
  Linux Graphics: NVidia Quadro4 980 XGL and Quadro4 FX1100 graphics cards using appropriate drivers from
  Windows: Windows 2000 SP3 and SP4, XP SP1 and SP2 on Intel Pentium III and higher (32-bit support only)

Complementary Software
  NMR Refine DGII, NMR Refine Advanced, and NMR X-PLOR (all of which are Insight II modules that are available
    only on SGI and not on Linux)
      NMR Refine DGII provides an entry-level option into NMR refinement software with capabilities for generating
        structures from NMR-derived distance and dihedral restraints.
      NMR Refine Advanced expands the refinement capabilities found in NMR Refine DGII to include simulated
       annealing and restrained molecular mechanics and dynamics (MD Schedule), refinement of NOE intensities
       using hybrid-matrix approaches (IRMA), direct refinement of NOE volumes (NOE-MD), an interface to back-
       calculating 2D NOESY crosspeak intensities (NOE Simulate), and a spreadsheet method of analyzing NMR-
       related structural and dynamical molecular parameters (Query).
      NMR X-PLOR streamlines the steps in structure determination of biomolecules using NMR derived data.


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     Felix 2D/ND
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     Case Studies
        Spectral Assignment
        Spectral Processing & Analysis
        Structure Calculation & Analysis

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